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About our Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-Renovation Cleaning in Toronto

On what days of the week may I schedule Post-Construction or Post-Renovation Cleaning Services?
And what time-of-day may I schedule?

Our Toronto Post-Construction Cleaning Services are offered 7 days a week, Monday through Sunday.


Morning cleaning visits are typically scheduled for an arrival time of 8am to 8:30am.

In the unlikely event that your post-construction cleaning requires less than 5 hours,

 the visit may be scheduled for a 1pm to 2pm arrival.

What if I need to cancel my post-construction cleaning service after I’ve booked a cleaning visit?

You’re always welcome to cancel a post-construction cleaning visit.

We only ask that you contact CUSTOM MAIDS’ Toronto Office 48 business hours prior to the cleaning visit

so we have the lead time necessary to assign our cleaner(s) elsewhere.

What forms of payment do you accept for Post-Construction Cleaning Services?

Custom Maids accepts only electronic payments :

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit.

Prior to your post-construction cleaning service, your credit card information will be taken by telephone
and recorded in Custom Maids' encrypted database.


​AFTER your cleaning services have been completed, your credit card will be charged.

(We DO NOT process credit card payments in advance of Post-Construction cleaning services.)

Are your Post-Construction and Post-Renovation Services in Toronto completely Guaranteed?


You have no reason to expect disappointment with Custom Maids.
After 46 years as the market leader, poor cleaning is “not our brand.”


​But if you’re not 100% ecstatic with our Post-Construction Services,
just let us know and we’ll be back to fix the problem immediately.


​That’s our promise.

We don’t want to serve you just once for a post-construction cleaning service.

We want to be the cleaning service you turn to for months and years to come.




Serving Toronto, North York Etobicoke and Scarborough

Providing Post-Construction 
and Post-Renovation Services
in Toronto since 1978.

Our Post-Renovation and Post-Construction 
Cleaning Services Checklist

Unless otherwise specified, our Post-Construction and Post-Renovation Cleaning Services include the following :


  • Clean Sink(s), Vanity and Mirrors

  • Clean Inside/Outside Medicine Cabinet

  • Clean Inside/Outside Cabinets and Drawers

  • Clean Toilet

  • Clean Bathtub and Tiles

  • Clean Shower Stall and Shower Doors

  • Wipe Down Door Frames, Door Knobs and Light Switches

  • Wash Window Sills and Window Tracks

  • Wash Baseboards

  • Remove Spots from Walls

  • Remove Spots from Windows

  • Wash Floor

  • Remove Garbage and Debris.


  • Clean Inside/Outside Stove and Hood

  • Clean Inside/Outside Fridge

  • Clean Inside/Outside Dishwasher

  • Cean Inside/Outside Microwave

  • Clean Inside/Outside Cupboards

  • Clean Inside/Outside Drawers

  • Clean Countertop, Backsplash and Sink

  • Wipe Down Door Frames, Door Knobs and  Light Switches

  • Wash Window Sills and Window Tracks

  • Wash Baseboards

  • Remove Spots from Walls

  • Remove Spots from Windows

  • Wash Floor

  • Remove Garbage and Debris

This Cleaning Service Checklist is a Guideline.

Your Post-Renovation or Post-Construction Cleaning Services will be tailored to meet your specific needs.

And, after you’ve finished your post-construction efforts, you’re welcome to book regular cleaning services

with Custom Maids to ensure that your home always remains clean and dust-free.


You can use our service on a occasional basis (just booking us on an “as-needed“ basis),

or you can set up ongoing cleaning services on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

For details, see House Cleaning or Condo Cleaning or Apartment Cleaning.


  • Clean Pictures and Mirrors on Walls

  • Dust /Polish Furniture

  • Vacuum Upholstered Furniture

  • Vacuum Carpets and Exposed Floors

  • Damp Mop Exposed Floors

  • Wash Window Sills and Window Tracks

  • Wipe Down Door Frames, Door Knobs and  Light Switches

  • Wash Baseboards

  • Remove Spots from Walls

  • Remove Spots from Windows

  • Remove Garbage and Debris

After you’ve completed a home construction project,
it’s always important to immediately schedule
post-construction or post-renovation cleaning services!

When dust generated by a home construction project is not quickly removed, the condition of the home (ironically) deteriorates at an accelerated rate immediately after construction. 

Walking on hardwood floors covered with dust and particle debris will damage protective finishes on floors. And, if there are furnishings in the home, wooden surfaces may be damaged, and upholstered chairs and couches may generate clouds of dust that trigger wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath.

Introducing . . .

CUSTOM MAIDS’ Post-Construction 
and Post-Renovation Cleaning Services

Established in 1978, CUSTOM MAIDS is Toronto’s First and Original Home Cleaning Service. We’ve spent almost five decades perfecting our cleaning services, and we have the expertise to handle your post-renovation or post-construction cleaning services.

Through the years, we’ve maintained a cleaning service staff of 60 to 120 highly-experienced cleaners. All have met the strict requirements necessary to work for CUSTOM MAIDS, and all have completed CUSTOM MAIDS’ Cleaning Service Training Program, which includes a component on post-construction and post-renovation cleaning services.

For your protection, all members of our cleaning service staff are fully bonded by us; covered by Worker’s Compensation (in the event of injury); and covered by comprehensive liability insurance (in the event of damage). So, you’re protected from exposure of every kind when you choose CUSTOM MAIDS for your post-renovation or post-construction cleaning services,





Serving homeowners, landlords and business owners since 1978 

For the Best Post-Contraction

and Best Post-Renovation Cleaning in Toronto . . .

We have Post-Construction Cleaners

ready to respond to your needs immediately.

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