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Let CUSTOM MAIDS RESIDENTIAL CLEANING SERVICES TORONTO handle your move-in cleaning or move-out cleaning

If you need a MOVE-IN CLEANING, just take your cleaning supplies ahead to your new home . . .

and we'll get everything ready for you to move in and put your things away.


If you need a MOVE-OUT CLEANING,  leave your cleaning supplies behind . . .

and let us worry about preparing the home for the new occupants.


not a


moving should be a

Let us help!

Unless otherwise specified,

        your Custom Maid will complete the following . . .




  • Clean Sink(s), Vanity and Mirrors

  • Clean out Medicine Cabinet and Cabinet under Sink(s)

  • Clean Toilet

  • Clean Bathtub and Tiles

  • Clean Shower Stall and Shower Doors

  • Remove Spots off Walls

  • Wash Window Sills

  • Wash Baseboards

  • Wash Floor




  • Vacuum Carpets and Floors

  • Damp Mop Hardwood Floors

  • Remove Spots off Walls

  • Wash Window Sills

  • Wash Baseboards

  • Remove all Garbage



  • Clean Inside/Outside Stove

  • Clean Inside/Outside Fridge

  • Clean Inside/Outside Dishwasher

  • Clean Inside/Outside Cupboards and Drawers

  • Clean out sink 

  • Remove Spots off Walls

  • Wash Window Sills

  • Wash Baseboards

  • Wash Floor



Cleaners are often pressed for time at Vacancy Cleanings.

With this in mind, windows are left as the last priority.


Should there be time remaining, your Custom Maid will

wash as many windows as time allows for.


If having the windows washed is a necessity,

then additional time should be booked.

Please have the following  9 ESSENTIAL CLEANING PRODUCTS  on hand for your Custom Maid :
1.   Glass Cleaner  (such as Windex)

2.   Bathroom Cleanser  (such as Spray Vim or Greenworks)

3.   Liquid All-Purpose Cleaner  (such as Pine-Sol or Mr Clean)

4.   Easy-Off Oven Cleaner  (NOT 'overnight' version)

5.   S.O.S. Pads  (for inside oven)

6.   Rough-Sided Sponges  (for kitchen appliances & bathroom tiles)

7.   J-Cloths or Cloth Rags  (alternatively, microfibre cloths)

8.   Paper Towels

9.   Garbage Bags 


Bucket/Pail  (alternatively, plastic garbage can)

Floor Mop

Vacuum Cleaner (alternatively, Broom & Dustpan)

      Optional Items :


      Stainless Steel Cleaner or Baby Oil  (for stainless steel appliances)

      Natural Stone Cleaner  (for Marble and Granite countertops and tiles)

      Ceramic Stovetop Cleaner  (such as Cerama Bryte)

      Hardwood Floor Cleaner  (such as Bona or Murphy Oil Soap)

Please ensure that your Custom Maid has something to stand on for hard-to-reach places

(a sturdy chair or step-stool).

How much does it cost?

Not as much as you think!

Overview of Rates (including HST )
CUSTOM MAIDS HOUSE CLEANING TORONTO offers Gift Certificates for house cleaning in Toronto
Service Boundaries


CUSTOM MAIDS SERVES TORONTO.  Our service boundaries are :

HIGHWAY 427  in the west  to PORT UNION ROAD in the east;

STEELES AVENUE in the north to LAKE ONTARIO in the south.


Depending on location, we occasionally venture north of Steeles

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