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10 Reasons to Hire a Custom Maid by Amber C

Is being tired and needing a break the only reason to hire a maid for your home? Of course not! Here are 10 reasons to hire a maid, ESPECIALLY a Custom Maid.

1. Very Thorough Cleaners: Here at Custom Maids, we don't simply CLEAN; we have a thorough list that our cleaners follow and a routine that ensures you come home to a deeply cleaned, organized home.

We make sure to take the time and find out exactly what it is you would like to have done in your home, whether you would like to stay with our routine, or if you have a few changes you'd like us to make and pass on to the cleaner.

Unlike other companies who simply dispatch a team and cleaning supplies, we like to take the time and customize your cleaning experience to suit YOUR needs. Every home is unique and deserves a unique approach to cleaning.

2. Safe Supplies: Our cleaners do not travel with supplies. It is much easier to travel, as they don't have to carry around a large bag or travel with a trolley taking up space on a packed train. Additionally, using your supplies ensures that dirt, grime, bacteria and even bugs are not travelling from one home to another on rags and sponges. This rule helps us keep your home safe while making it clean. Last but not least, using your supplies allows you to be in complete control of the type of product we are using. If you are allergic or sensitive to some products or prefer more environmentally friendly alternatives, our cleaners will be happy to accommodate and use supplies that work best for you.

3. Attitude: Positive Attitudes are one of our goals. Our cleaners are friendly, efficient and respect personal boundaries. If you want to strike up a conversation, that is absolutely fine! However, our team members also respect your wishes for social distance, be it for Netflix-binging or taking family time, should you so choose. If, for some reason, your visit with our cleaner isn't up to par, please let us know, and we will have our manager reach out to you directly within 24 business hours.

4. Efficiency: Normally, cleaning companies will dispatch a team only after having a "consultant" come into your home to view the "dirt scale" and judge how long it will take to clean, they will then charge you for said consultation, and in some cases, they charge from $75-$100 per hour (or $0.10 per square foot). Our system starts with a minimum of 3 hours, and our phone consultation will help us figure out EXACTLY how many hours we should dispatch a cleaner to your home. We always schedule extra time for your first cleaning visit to ensure our cleaners do a STELLAR job in your home. If our cleaner does not need an entire quoted appointment time to clean your home after the first visit, our Customer Service Representatives will reach out to you to adapt the hours and pricing.

5. Unique Approach: Most people ask us: "What's the difference between a Custom Maid and a regular housekeeper?" Well, a housekeeper will generally only do the basic house cleaning, similar to a generic franchise service; they will do surface cleaning and not include any additional tasks. On the other hand, in addition to your Good General Cleaning, your Maid will do one Major Job, such as laundry, washing windows, cleaning the insides of ovens and fridges, or cleaning patio furniture (weather permitting). So, as you can see, we like to go above and beyond and ensure that you are completely happy with our work in your home..

6. Your Peace of Mind: Given the current state of affairs (or not so current, since Covid-19 has plagued us for the last few years), mental health and inner peace have become much more prevalent in our minds than ever. Being in lockdown for almost a year, we realized how truly EXHAUSTING life could get, and having just one thing removed from our daily to-do list, such as cleaning, can help in a big way. After working 8 hours a day and commuting home for maybe 1-2 hours, you (as a functioning adult) are tired. Going home to clean, cook, clean some more, prep meals for the next day, and clean up that mess can be daunting. Having an extra set of hands to help can ease the daily tension, even if it's only once in a while. Everyone deserves a break.

7. Informative Staff: Nobody wants to have to chase and dig around for information. Especially not about a business or service we are enlisting that is meant to help us. When you call our office or visit our website, you will be given loads of information to help you in your decision to hire a Custom Maid. Our prices are up to date and ready for you to read, and we have an online chat with a representative ready to help in less than 5 minutes. We are confident that our staff can guide you to find the right service to help you with your domestic chores.

8. We are pet friendly: Whether you have a goldfish or a golden doodle, our cleaners are pet friendly and ready to meet your best friend. However, if you have special rules to keep your buddy safe, we would be more than happy to accommodate.

For example, if your fur baby is in training or is super excitable and needs some distance, we will advise our cleaner that while your puppy wants some attention, training requires discipline and routine and keeps their distance (as hard as it may be).

If you have a strictly indoor cat, we will adhere to your advice and let our team members know that they need to exercise caution when entering or leaving your house.

9. You have a new baby: Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!!! Having a new baby in the house is an absolutely amazing experience. However, it can be quite tiring, with the late-night feedings, the worrying, the sleep training, the milestones and appointments… As if all that isn't enough, you've also got to clean your house somehow without waking up your little lovebug. Take a chance to unwind and enjoy your baby's company while leaving the cleaning to us! While you take a mid-day stroll to get your blood pumping and your baby doll lulled to sleep or visit family for the baby to spend some time giggling with granny, we can have your place spic and span before you return.

10. You are moving: Moving to a new home can be exciting - a new place creates new opportunities to be creative, to have a fresh start. The only downside is the process itself, which is very tedious and stressful at times. While we cannot help you move your life from one place to another, we can certainly take one task off your plate - cleaning. Our team members are amazing at vacancy cleaning! All you need are some essential yet simple supplies to be left behind in your old home or brought in ahead of time into your new home, and we will take care of the rest! Be it your new home, your old home, or both, our cleaners will ensure that everything is ready and squeaky clean before the big move.

Hopefully, this blog has been an interesting and helpful read. Until next time, feel free to peruse our website or even give us a call to book an appointment.

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