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Tip: Simoniz Brand Microfibre Cloths are OUTSTANDING for household cleaning!

Tip: Simoniz Brand Microfibre Cloths (available at Canadian Tire) are OUTSTANDING for household cleaning!

Although the brand Simoniz is typically associated with automotive care products and outdoor pressure washers – their Microfibre cloths are EXCEPTIONAL for use around the house!

Available as an 8-pack at your local Canadian Tire for only $9.99 – these delightful towels often go on sale and can also be purchased at an even greater value $19.99 for a 25-pack which may better suit our clients with larger homes.

Simoniz microfibre cloths are oversized and therefore easier to use than a sponge. They work exceedingly well wet to clean toilets, sinks, floors or virtually any surface.

They can also be used dry for lint free drying, buffing or polishing glass, and mirrors and are especially effective on your stainless steel appliances!

Simoniz microfibre cloths are both washable and reusable which makes them more economical than paper towels and better for our environment.

It is imperative however, to never use fabric softener when laundering your Simoniz microfibre cloths!

Fabric softeners such as Downy will leave a residue behind which will in turn cause streaking and cloudiness as you use them on glass or stainless steel after they have been laundered.

Custom Maids Toronto encourages a colour code system when using microfibre cloths to avoid any cross contamination of bacteria or residual cleaning products like Windex which may damage your natural stone countertops or tiles:

For example:

  • Blue for stainless steel

  • Orange for hardwood and wood furniture polish

  • Yellow for glass and mirrors

  • Green for bathrooms

What is even more impressive is that this product comes with a 1 year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.

That having been said, if your Custom Maid wears out your microfibre cloths before 1 year, they can be exchanged for free!

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