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Miele: Best Vacuum on Earth

Custom Maids is often asked to recommend a vacuum cleaner brand to our clients.

Our answer without hesitation is always Miele.

Miele vacuums are the best of the best.

Here’s why:

Miele features what a cleaning company values most in a vacuum cleaner:

  • Lightweight: Easy to carry up and down stairs or to manoeuvre around furniture

  • Furniture Collision Prevention: Miele canister vacuums are built with a fully integrated (rubber) bumper strip around entire vacuum canister to protect against accidental collisions with your delicate furnishings

  • Odorless: Only clean air is expelled from a Miele vacuum because it offers hygienic filtration

  • Disposable Dust-Bag: Miele’s large disposable dust bags are convenient and ensure that dust and debris are always fully contained.

  • Unlike bag less units whereby emptying the canister into your garbage sends dust mites flying into the air and ending up right back on your home surfaces-yikes!

  • Enormous Cleaning Radius: Miele vacuums come with extra-long cords, eliminating the need to change electrical outlets multiple times in larger homes

  • Powerful: Mind-blowing suction power

  • 6 Adjustable Power Levels: Your Custom Maid can switch from maximum floor suction power to delicate minimum suction power for your window dressings in a flash!

  • Adjustable Wand Height: Miele’s unique adjustable wand height makes vacuuming stairs, window dressings, ceiling cobwebs, or couch crevices a snap!

  • Versatile: Miele’s power head works on both carpet and hard flooring eliminating the need to change brushes or nozzles

  • Durable: Miele vacuums come with a standard 10 year warranty and are built to last 20 years

Purchasing a Miele vacuum for your home is truly a worthwhile investment. Particularly if you have allergy sufferers in your home, it is an investment in your health.

Custom Maids recommends purchasing your new Miele vacuum from

You do NOT have to be a Costco Member to shop online at!

Enjoy the added convenience of having your new Miele vacuum delivered free of charge, right to your door!

Moving forward, you can also order your replacement dust bags and filters online and delivered free of charge from

Bed Bath & Beyond now also carries Miele vacuums, filters and dust bags.

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