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Tips to keep away rodents and summer bugs (spiders, beetles, moths etc.) by Amber C.

As “embarrassing” as this topic is, it needs to be spearheaded. Living in a large and massively populated city has some cons, sometimes those cons come in the form of fuzzy little thieves with long noses and bald tails, other times they come in on visitors, and make a new life in our walls, only venturing out when we turn the lights off. We do not like to draw attention to it, actually we tend to avoid it at all costs, however, that’s never conducive to solving this particular problem…

BUGS. Roaches, spiders, earwigs, bees, and MICE OH MY!! But don’t panic! You do not have to spend thousands on pest control, nor do you have to go and adopt a poor kitty from the shelter. Although we here at Custom Maids fully support adopting a fuzzy friend 😊, unless your problem has become an absolute infestation you may only need to spend a few buckaroos at Ye Olde Dollar Tree. Read on to find out how you can control these bad boys.

Ok. It can be really hard keeping these guys at bay, especially when we tend to leave crumbs everywhere, or our children do. Instead of using harsh chemicals, try a good old fly tape you can hang from the ceiling, or you can spray entrances of windows and doors (even baseboards) with a pretty good concoction that seems to do the trick, (1/2 cup white vinegar,1 ½ cups water and 20 drops of peppermint oil, or lavender, lemon or orange) it’s unknown as to WHY exactly, but it works.

Although I personally use what my granny suggested. Mothballs. Yep, they come in a large bag, two of them teamed in their own smaller pouch. Place and replace them bi-weekly after every deep clean, living above a restaurant in Scarborough I see my fair share of rodents out back, and in the summer there’s a lot of flying insects, however, after trying many chemicals, traps, and even calling in pest control, I simply went with a home remedy.

Mothballs contain something called Naphthalene which is no bueno for our little critters, alternatively cedar balls have the same effect, although lasting up to 6 months and can either be sanded lightly to renew the scent or sprayed with a refresher to keep them up to date.

Being from a farming community we used to own quite a few kitties specifically to catch said vermin, however mice and rats do carry quite a few bad germs that can harm our pets in a big way, not to mention they live in dwellings stepping their own urine and fecal matter, Stuffing steel wool into any mouseholes you may find tends to work as well.

More ways to prevent pests and insects are some common knowledge facts, like not leaving water out to stand and stagnate, don’t leave food out, get rid of garbage frequently, keep your house clean (yet another reason to hire a Custom Maid 😉) and always keep receptacles tightly sealed, you can also try installing door sweeps and weathering to your doors to seal all small cracks so nothing can crawl in.

We hope this has been helpful. Have a splendid week!!!

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