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Why do we use our customers' supplies? by Amber C

Good day.

Today we wanted to speak on an important topic, a question which we get asked quite frequently - why exactly do Custom Maids use your supplies? Why do we not use our own? Well, allow us to explain ourselves using two of the most important reasons that we like to use your supplies.

Less Bulk: Our cleaners ride the TTC, as it is much easier for them to get around and avoid traffic jams to get to you on time, every time.

Lugging around a trolley or rucksack full of supplies would slow them down and would not be conducive to their success in arriving at your home in a timely manner.

Trafficking germs/bugs: This is quite possibly the most crucial part. When our cleaners use your supplies, it lessens the chance of bugs and germs being dragged into your home.

Let's say our cleaner brings supplies to their morning client, brand new supplies, HUZZAH! Their home ends up clean and smelling fresh, right after our cleaner has swept up lint, dirt, dog hair, sand, vacuumed dander, food, dead bugs (it's spring/summer/fall our insect friends are everywhere), mopped and scrubbed away any stains, sticky spots, footprints on floors, dusted tv's, sanitized remotes and appliances, washed dishes, and even scrubbed. The. Toilet… and all that only in the morning! NOW they arrive at your home. Using the same supplies, only they are not so new anymore. Those supplies now carry over the other person's sand, bug eggs/carcasses, toilet water on the scrubber, body oils or foot bacteria from the mop (everyone goes barefoot at home, no?), dust and dirt from the dust rags…I think you get the idea. Using your supplies guarantees that your supplies have never touched anyone else's surfaces or otherwise. You also control which supplies we use, and any allergens stay away from your sanctuary.

Anything else is really just common practice for a cleaner; we use indoor shoes, so we don't drag outdoor germs into your home, make sure our hands are washed before we clean the house, and make sure that your safe haven remains your CLEAN safe haven. Imagine walking into your home only to find streaks on your mirrors, floors with muddy leftovers, sand and grit on your carpets left behind from someone else's rugs…eeeeuuuwwwgh!!

And what about your bathroom?? That's one place in your house you want to KEEP CLEAN, that and your kitchen, but what if the generic franchise cleaners only use one set of rags? What distinguishes their bathroom rags from the ones they use in the kitchen? Thinking about it can induce shivers. Just the thought of having communal cleaning supplies can make some people weak in the stomach.

We hope this blog helped you see the "method to our madness," if you will. And if you have any remaining questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Have a great week, and we will post for you again soon!!

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