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Why having a Custom Maid is beneficial to your mental health by Amber C

So, you’ve been thinking about having a professional cleaner visit your home. It may seem a daunting thing to do, a stranger visiting, cleaning your home, organizing your cupboards and changing your bedding. Maybe you’ve simply gotten used to your own routine during the madness that was and still is, COVID. Or, maybe you’re just hesitant because you feel like it would be weird to have someone come in and clean…well…YOUR space.

Let us put those anxious, overanalyzed thoughts to rest. Here at Custom Maids, we don’t just give you peace of mind over a freshly cleaned and organized home; we afford you more TIME. Time to spend with your loved ones, your furry faced friends, or to binge watch your new favorite show on Netflix, or even lose yourself in a new world with that book that’s been collecting dust on your bed table.

After working an 8–10-hour day, coming home to clean can be mentally and sometimes emotionally taxing, especially when you have a family to care for, dinner to cook, lunches and clothing to prep for the next day AND any extracurricular activities you may want to take part in, sometimes you just need YOU time and when you allow yourself the luxury of having a Custom Maid in (not just any maid service, Custom Maids will actually perform our own general cleaning, which is described on our website at ) you allow yourself mental breathing room, to plan, to ENJOY your weekend, or even just your normal work week evening.

Our cleaners are experienced, friendly and tactful, and when you come home to a freshly cleaned house, with a Maids Record on your counter letting you know who your cleaner was, what she/he completed and what products you may need to restock, the genuine feeling of relaxation is absolutely heavenly, because it's not just your humdrum cleaning of dishes, mopping, dusting etc.

Oh no no! You will come home to clean baseboards, spots on walls removed, floors vacuumed, mopped and re-swept to be sure all the hair or grit from the past few days is picked up, if beds need changing you can just put some fresh sheets out, we handle the rest.

If your laundry needs doing, just let our office staff know and we will instruct your Custom Maid accordingly. If all you want is to have them focus on windows, appliances or organization, rest assured we are the company you should call.

Having time to do what you want to do, or need to do, or even if just to nap, is beneficial mentally because it gives you time to unwind, it’s unhealthy to be constantly running around and overthinking, that is how accidents happen and how emotional and mental breakdowns occur.

Having just that ONE minor thing taken off your plate can add so much tranquility to your life, and who DOESN’T like coming into a clean fresh place? Beds made, dishes cleaned and put away, walls and floors tidy, kids’ toys organized… Ah, can you feel that sigh of relief??

Allow yourself and your family, to take a breather once in a while, and let our professional cleaners handle your mess for you, we are here at your convenience.

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