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Why Is Decluttering So Emotional?


This is the question we all face when we decide to begin our spring cleaning. Whether rotating seasonal clothing or giving our homes some serious TLC, although we maintain a regular cleaning schedule, sometimes we notice little things while we putter around wiping down window ledges and baseboards.

Things like broken and forgotten children’s toys shoved under beds or cast into corners where little minds think we won’t see them, or that ONE spot on the window that will never come off all the way, what IS that anyway? Oil? What on EARTH does this child get into??? Maybe safer not to find out, now where did the Windex and squeegee go?...OH!

Sorry, hi, I derailed. It’s simple to do so, especially with no direction in what we’re going to tackle first, and it can often make us want to retreat and hide under a blanket with a litre of Haagen Daaz or even just grab our keys and leave for the day because it feels like it JUST. NEVER. ENDS.

Or, we could hire a cleaner (this is where you call Custom Maids for help 😊).

This blog was made to point out how overwhelming and invigorating, deep cleaning, decluttering and donating can be. If you feel overwhelmed reading this, then we have hit our mark.

In this article, CAMH answers the questionWhy is decluttering so emotional?”. The doctors explain the importance of not only keeping a clean and organized environment for mental health reasons but where to begin, how to keep your space safe and clean and how doing so can help stabilize our moods.

On this topic, you can pay a visit to to read on about how studies have shown that when you donate your old children's toys, clothing, gently used dishes etc. you may have a better chance of living longer, having a lower rate of depression, and it may even protect you from heart disease.

But that's just two sites, why not take a quick boo at the following sites that further explain why exactly you get such an endorphin rush from giving to the less fortunate, or even just someone who could benefit from your gently used goods, for physical and mental benefit, check out this article from

And, for ways to volunteer in your community, and jump start your own mental health you can get some great ideas from

Another article from Canadian Military Family Magazine talks about the physiological and hormonal responses our bodies take when we feel…stuck, for lack of a better word, while gives actual reasons why we simply can not let go; and, in an added bonus, MoneySense Website reminds us that, what we view as junk we may actually be able to sell if it’s a marketable product. So why not make a buck or two of those once-worn heels? Or that game Junior absolutely had to have at Christmas and has now forgotten.

We hope this blog has put spring cleaning and its association with our mental health into perspective.

One last site to check out for an all round amazing feeling is , they are centered in Vancouver BC, and are all about helping schools, families, homeless and animals!! This site has helping challenges, ideas and different ways to give, and even articles more in depth about why giving is such a GOOD feeling for us holistically.

Until next time, take care.

-Custom Maids

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