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We know how difficult it can be to sift through Residential Cleaning Service Reviews and differentiate one Toronto Home Cleaning Service from another.

Established in 1978, CUSTOM MAIDS is Toronto's First and Original Home Cleaning Service.

We’ve had almost five decades to perfect our Cleaning Services and, today,

we’re Toronto’s Leading Maid Service.

We hope you’ll invite one of our Toronto Home Cleaners into your home,

so we can demonstrate the standard of excellence you can expect from our Home Cleaning Service.

Our goal is to establish a long and pleasant association,

and be the Toronto Home Cleaning Service you turn to for months and years to come.

The Custom Maids  Team

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Here’s what people are saying about

Our “one-cleaning-person” approach to cleaning, and why they’ve chosen to use CUSTOM MAIDS for many years.

We've used the Custom Maid service for a number of years to clean our home. We like their concept of using the same person to clean since they are familiar with our home. Our cleaning lady is always on time, reliable, thorough and efficient. We will continue to use their services and recommend to all our acquaintances.

We have been using Custom Maids bi-weekly for nearly two years now. What I like about Custom Maids is that it is the same one individual that comes to your house to clean, rather than a team of people that changes every visit. I like the consistency with having one cleaner in regularly. . . . Thank you Custom Maids for your excellent service.

. . . I like to have someone come into my home from Custom Maids a few times a year to help clean things which perhaps I've overlooked. I have always been pleased with the job done by any of their staff. The cleaners always arrive on time, follow my directions well, make suggestions when necessary and they have always been careful . . . I can highly recommend Custom Maids and will continue to use them periodically to enhance the cleanliness of my home.

We have been using CUSTOM MAIDS for almost 10 years, and would never go anywhere else for cleaning services. All of the cleaners have been fabulous!! - thorough, courteous, and totally professional. The management team is amazing; so kind and attentive to the customer’s needs. Again, Totally Professional !

I've called on Custom Maids for major seasonal cleaning for years, and I've never been disappointed. It's super convenient and highly dependable service at great price-point. The contactless option is great in these times, if you prefer that.

I've used Custom Maids for the past few years and they always leave my home feeling beautiful and fresh!

Steady, reliable and very good service that I have enjoyed having for many years. Highly recommended.

Here’s what people have to say about their

CUSTOM MAIDS Cleaning Lady

About Cleaning Lady : Narmine

I love Narmine, my cleaning lady! She is so sweet, does such an incredible job, and she treats my dog so well. I highly highly recommend her!

About Cleaning Lady : Ginger

 Thank you so much for your service. Ginger is the best! So friendly and efficient ;)

About Cleaning Lady : Lady B

Amazing service! We are delighted with Lady B's work. Punctual and a very hard-working person, always with a smile on her face. Highly recommended

About Cleaning Lady : Ana

Ana has been very punctual, professional, and does a fantastic job cleaning with great attention to detail. Would highly recommend Custom Maids.

About Cleaning Lady : Linda

Thanks Linda for your great service. I appreciate every little detail you attend to. Your work is top notch. See you soon. Yvonne.

About Cleaning Lady : Olga

. . . . Olga speaks beautiful Italian and since my mother is Italian . . . my mother couldn’t be happier. I just wanted to thank you for sending Olga. We are all grateful for having her here. Custom Maids has always been prompt to address any issues that arise. They do a great job of meeting customer expectations!

About Cleaning Lady : Venicia

. . . I have always been a happy customer [but] today I am a super happy customer. Venicia took charge the moment she entered the house and went far beyond our expectations. The kitchen where we cook every day looks like it has never been used! Everything shines like if it was new. Amazing! Thank you to all the team at Custom Maids! You certainly make my life easier every time you visit our home.

About Cleaning Lady : Tetiana

It was an incredible experience to work with Custom Maids. I had the pleasure of working with Tetiana. She was detailed oriented and thorough when cleaning our condo. I definitely loved the service and will use Custom Maids again on a continuous basis. Highly recommend to anyone looking for cleaning service in the GTA.

About Cleaning Lady : Svetlana

. . . [My] entire apartment, which - I’m not proud to say - looked like a bomb had gone off, was totally transformed. Svetlana worked some serious magic because for the first time I can remember, the place sparkled. I’m really impressed. In fact, blown away. I wish I’d known about them years ago. Highly recommend!!

About Cleaning Lady : Vangy

Great experience and we had Vangy, who was awesome!

About Cleaning Lady : Sharon

I recently used Custom Maids for a deep clean of my kitchen, and was very impressed with the service! My cleaner, Sharon, was wonderful and did a thorough job of cleaning inside cupboards & cabinets. Great customer service as well. I highly recommend Custom Maids!

About Cleaning Lady : Oksana

We had Oksana clean our apartment today and were very pleased with the results. She was pleasant and professional. She went above and beyond to make our home sparkling clean. We expect our sinks and faucets to shine without water spots. This was done to our satisfaction. We will have her back in 2 weeks.

About Cleaning Lady : Mariia

Best clean ever!!! It was such a pleasure to deal with Stephanie and Amber, who painlessly set me up, got me an amazing cleaner, on the day and time I needed… and the cleaner was super sweet, pleasant, on the ball and an excellent superb cleaner. Best clean Best company to deal with! 5 stars out of 5 Look at how everything shines!!!