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Do you offer Venue Cleaning Services, or will you only provide Special Event Cleaning at my private home?

Our Special Event Cleaning Services are delivered at any space you’re using 
– a public venue or your private home.

Can I use your Event Cleaning Services just one time before my event, or do I need to commit to After-Party Cleaning Services too?

We’ll provide whatever services you need. 
We can send a housekeeper just one time, before or after your special event. Or the housekeeper can provide both Before-Party cleaning services AND Post-Party cleanup.

Do I need to be at home or at the venue 
during my Special Event Cleaning Service visits?

It’s up to you. 

You can stay with your housekeeper, or you can give her instructions and leave your home/venue. All of our housekeepers are highly experienced, and all are qualified to work on their own without supervision. No worries.

On what days of the week may I schedule Special Event Cleaning? 

Our event cleaning services are offered 7 days a week, Monday through Sunday.

At what time will my housekeeper arrive?

Morning cleaning visits are scheduled for an arrival time of 8am to 8:30am.

Afternoon visits are scheduled for a 1pm to 2pm arrival.

Event cleanings exceeding 5 hours must be scheduled for morning arrival.

Depending on the location and size of your home, we may be able to make slight adjustments to these arrival times.

What if I need to cancel an Event Cleaning Service 
after I’ve booked a cleaning visit?

You’re always welcome to cancel an event cleaning visit.  We only ask that you contact CUSTOM MAIDS’ Toronto Office 48 business hours prior to the event cleaning visit (so we have the lead time necessary to ensure our housekeeper is booked elsewhere.)

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies for my 
Special Event Cleaning Services?

Yes. Your housekeeper will use your cleaning supplies.


Our cleaning service prices are exceptionally competitive when compared with those 
of team cleaning services that travel in crews with cars and equipment.

We don’t expect that you’ll mind picking up five or six cleaning products in order to take advantage of the cost savings available at CUSTOM MAIDS.

At a time of increased concern over the spread of germs and viruses, our approach offers you complete control over the supplies and equipment being used in your home.

•    You have no worries about vacuum cleaners and toilet brushes being used in multiple homes;

•    If you have young children, you have no concerns about unwanted chemicals in your home;

•    And you’re free to purchase eco-friendly products as you see fit.

What forms of payment do you accept for your 
Home Staging Toronto Cleaning Services?

Custom Maids accepts only electronic payments :

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit.

Prior to your first event cleaning service, your credit card information will be taken by telephone
and recorded in CUSTOM MAIDS' encrypted database.

AFTER each event cleaning service, your credit card will be charged.
(We DO NOT process credit card payments in advance of event cleaning services.)

Are your Event Cleaning Services completely Guaranteed?


You have no reason to expect disappointment with CUSTOM MAIDS. 
After 46 years as the market leader, poor cleaning is “not our brand.”

But if you are not 100% ecstatic with the service you receive, just let us know 
within 48 hours and we’ll be back to fix the problem immediately.

That’s our Promise.

We know we’re not the only Special Event Cleaning Services Company in Toronto.

But our hope is to establish a long and pleasant association, 
and be the Toronto cleaning service you turn to for months and years to come.


Seasonal Cleaning and Holiday Cleaning Services


Serving Toronto, North York Etobicoke and Scarborough

And, after you’ve finished with your special event, you’re welcome to set up regular ongoing 
cleaning services with your housekeeper, so she can ensure that your house, condo or apartment 
always remains clean, organised and clutter-free.

 You can have your housekeeper visit on an occasional basis (just booking her on an as-need basis),
or you can set up regular cleaning services on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  

See House Cleaning or Condo Cleaning or Apartment Cleaning. 

Why use CUSTOM MAIDS’ Specialty Cleaning Services for your Special Event Cleaning?


Established in 1978, we’re Toronto’s first and original home cleaning service.  We’ve had almost five decades to perfect our cleaning services and, today, we’re Toronto’s Leading Maid Service.


We never send teams or crews of cleaners into your home.

When you schedule your first special event cleaning, we’ll select a qualified housekeeper to serve you. Then, once you’re happy and satisfied with the housekeeper, we like to send that same housekeeper back to you anytime you need her – before, during or after your special event. Having a housekeeper who is familiar with you and your individual expectations ensures that your cleaning services will be highly personalised to meet your needs. 


Our housekeeping staff is comprised largely of traditional cleaning ladies who have had many years of experience prior to joining CUSTOM MAIDS, and have been in positions of trust for most of their lives.

All of our housekeepers are fully bonded; covered by Worker’s Compensation (in the event of injury); and covered by Comprehensive Liability Insurance (in the event of damage). You’re assured of a qualified and experienced housekeeper, together with all the protections necessary to protect you from exposure of any kind.

Let us handle your Special Event Cleaning Services and After Party Cleaning Services.

Hosting a party or preparing for a special event (be it happy or sad) can be a tiresome affair to take on alone. If you need an extra pair of hands to assist you, just let us know and we’ll send over a qualified housekeeper to help you get it done. You can have your housekeeper work alongside you or have her take on your event cleaning tasks independently. Either way, our professional cleaning services are a great way to ease your workload.  

You can take “cleaning” off of your Event Planning Checklist.

Whether you’re planning a holiday Christmas dinner, a Hanukkah party, a baby shower, a birthday party or a wedding reception, orchestrating your special event will keep you very busy and likely leave little time to undertake a detailed cleaning of your home.  
Our Seasonal Cleaning and holiday cleaning services can meet all of your deep cleaning needs -  decluttering, scrubbing down bathrooms, polishing furniture, vacuuming and mopping floors, removing scuff marks from walls, and staging the kitchen for a holiday feast. 

Don't let the burden of cleaning cast a shadow over your festivities. Take “cleaning” off your Event Planning Checklist and have your home cleaned from top-to-bottom by one of our professional housekeepers. Then get ready to welcome your family and friends into your spotless space full of cheer.

Our Post Event Cleaning Services
(Post Party Cleanup) 

When all your guests have left and the excitement surrounding your successful event begins to subside, you may feel a little deflated as you look around at the mess left behind. But don’t despair. We can help make your life easier AFTER your special event too! 

We’ll send you a qualified housekeeper with the experience to handle your after-party clean up service. You’ll probably need decorations removed, debris collected, waste baskets emptied, and heaps of dishes washed. Then, once everything is back in order, your housekeeper will be able to give the place a thorough cleaning. By the time she’s finished with your home, everything will be just as it was before your special event.



Check off one more item on your Event Planning Checklist

Whether you need

Holiday Cleaning Services, Seasonal Cleaning,
or Special Event Cleaning for any occasion . . .

We have Specialty Cleaning Services for you.

ready to respond to your needs immediately.

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